There’s a reason for my controlling ways….

July 9, 2010 And this was my idea????

So I know this is the second post in a day and normally that won’t happen.  However….

I must give an example of why some women are so controlling.  This woman who works from home has all her work information on a external hard drive that I am able to unplug from my home laptop and plug into my work computer the times that I am in the office.  Earlier this year…SOMEONE decided to plug HIS external hard drive into my laptop and format it so that he could use it to store Dish Network DVR stuff.   No biggie right?


The next day was a scheduled office day.  I packed my work stuff up including my hard drive and headed off to work.  Once there, I received a call from an insurance company (I do medical billing) inquiring about a bill.  I plug in my hard drive which WAS titled “Kim’s Business” to find that it had a new name…”DISH NET”.  My heart stops.  I’m on the phone with someone needing information, that I simply don’t have anymore.  I tell the person on the phone “OMG, I’ll have to call you back”.  Thirty seconds later I have the offender on the phone where I’m having 16 heart attacks and yelling about the tens of thousands of dollars in information that has been lost.  How I’m going to have to work HOURS for FREE to recreate as much of that info as possible and my boss will still lose money in the end.

Well folks…it has happened again.  The only difference is that it wasn’t business stuff…it was all of our family videos from the last 3 months, which included our cruise videos.  GRRR…..

Please everyone…give me a few reasons not to beat the life out of this man!


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