Angry with what is happening….

Sorry it has been awhile, things have gone a little insane around here.

Last night I was watching Dateline (I believe it was from Friday night) on DVR.  The topic was how the economy is affecting those that were already considered “poor” prior.  There was a family of 4 living inside of an OLD camper trailer with no running water, a elderly mother’s house who’s children lost their homes and brought their families to live there….to a total of 14 people.  There was a 21 year old single mother who lives with her 3 kids in their minivan.

There was also a woman who’s husband worked in construction and hadn’t had steady work in over 10 years.  However despite that, she still ran a non-profit food bank for her area rather then attempt to look for full time paying work herself.  Not that it looked that in the area they were in she’d find much anyway.  Talk about a supportive husband!  This woman is a life saver to thousands in her community who would literally go hungry if not for her food bank.

All of this was happening in Ohio, yes, right here in the UNITED STATES.  The same United States that claims to be the “best”.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love this country, however I think that the government should look at how other countries are doing things rather then criticizing what they are doing.

Why is it that children are going hungry in this country, but we can afford to be in a war with Iraq?  Why is it that people are dying because they can’t afford health care but we can run to Haiti the second an earthquake hits?  Why is it that people are living in tents, vans, and tripled up in houses but celebrities are off in other countries “saving the world”??

Now please don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see ANY child go hungry or homeless regardless of what country they are in.  I just believe that considering that all of these countries that we are “coming to the rescue”, isn’t coming to the rescue of our children…maybe we should spend more time and money helping OUR children.

At the end of the day our children are this country’s future and if you are going to let our children starve, be homeless and uneducated because of constant budget cuts…then our country won’t be able to help itself let alone anyone else in the future.

My grandmother had a saying…”clean off your own doorstep first”.


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First Airplane Ride….and my favorite moment….ahhh….my child travels well…when the hell is the next vacation?!?!?!?!?  Bring it on!

So when you have a day, week or month when you feel like you just can’t possibly do this anymore, you are so tired or just tired of the whining, yelling, disaster or whatnot, do you feel guilty?

I’m having one of those days.  One of those “take this child with you I don’t care what you are doing today” when speaking with husband version.    Only to have him complain that he needs to be on solo toddler duty…despite him laying around like a lump all day yesterday.  Then I’m questioning which whining is worse…that coming from a toddler who knows no better or that coming from man child who if he considered that I worked from home and am on toddler duty 24/7 minus that enjoyable trip to the grocery store with my coupons…he would shut is pie hole and run with said toddler.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my family, even the man child who has been driving me up a tree more frequently in the last few months.  Even the man child who got us tossed out of couples counseling (that is a long story for an entirely different blog!).  I just need a morning to myself, even if I spend it doing laundry, scrubbing the floor and cutting coupons.

I just need time to have an adult conversation…even if it’s with myself.  I just need time to scrub the floor because frankly it’s the last thing that gets cleaned when cleaning the house and I never seem to have time…and I’m pretty sure your shoes aren’t suppose to stick to the landing tile.  I’m pretty sure there is something gross, however clear, on that tile and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know what the hell it is!

I do love my family and I wouldn’t change a thing…well except that part about man child not having a clue but whatever.

Now I must go boot the MALE cat outside for he is whining at me.  I should have thrown him in the car with the others!

Temporarily NOT Anthony’s Employee  🙂

P.S.  Thanks for those who are following me…I promise not every post will be a rant…I’m clearly not having a good week…or frankly need some meds  😉  lol

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The new “Mother’s Helper”….

About a month ago we found out that our babysitter was moving back to California after only being here since February.  Can hardly blame her for taking a job in the field she actually went to school for…who does that??  lol  However the thought of interviewing 20 people again and fitting those interviews into this already busy household schedule panicked me!  Panicked me to the point where I waiting until the week before she was leaving…talk about now being REALLY panicked.

So yesterday was the first interview.  Now what we are looking for is someone to help me in the mornings two days a week (I work from home) and then someone to be here a full day one day a week (when I’m in the office).   I decided on this particular person because she is a SAHM and plans on staying that way (not laid off looking for something temp) and she has a 2 1/2 year old daughter which is the same age as my little bug.  Perfect…socialization and help all in one package!

Interview goes great and I hired her.  NO MORE INTERVIEWS!!!  Yay!!!  Turns out that her daughter was born on literally the same day as my son, are exactly the same “underweight” size and from what I saw of them together have the same little personality.  And funnier yet is she is pregnant with her second baby (I know what you are thinking…maternity leave!) and is due in October.  Maybe she’ll have this one on MY birthday…which also happens to be my bosses birthday as well.

Something is certainly in the water around here when it comes to birthdays…pretty much everyone we know shares a birthday with someone in the family!

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There’s a reason for my controlling ways….

So I know this is the second post in a day and normally that won’t happen.  However….

I must give an example of why some women are so controlling.  This woman who works from home has all her work information on a external hard drive that I am able to unplug from my home laptop and plug into my work computer the times that I am in the office.  Earlier this year…SOMEONE decided to plug HIS external hard drive into my laptop and format it so that he could use it to store Dish Network DVR stuff.   No biggie right?


The next day was a scheduled office day.  I packed my work stuff up including my hard drive and headed off to work.  Once there, I received a call from an insurance company (I do medical billing) inquiring about a bill.  I plug in my hard drive which WAS titled “Kim’s Business” to find that it had a new name…”DISH NET”.  My heart stops.  I’m on the phone with someone needing information, that I simply don’t have anymore.  I tell the person on the phone “OMG, I’ll have to call you back”.  Thirty seconds later I have the offender on the phone where I’m having 16 heart attacks and yelling about the tens of thousands of dollars in information that has been lost.  How I’m going to have to work HOURS for FREE to recreate as much of that info as possible and my boss will still lose money in the end.

Well folks…it has happened again.  The only difference is that it wasn’t business stuff…it was all of our family videos from the last 3 months, which included our cruise videos.  GRRR…..

Please everyone…give me a few reasons not to beat the life out of this man!

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Hello world!

Hello world as this is so appropriately auto titled!

What do you call a stay at home mom who works just about full-time from home as well?  INSANE!!!  I dreamed about this while attempting to get pregnant from 2002-2006.  Lets face it, regardless of if you are married or not, the general population needs two incomes these days and the cost of daycare can basically eliminate half of one person’s income!  However getting pregnant never happened…that was until AFTER I was going through a divorce and dating someone who was totally uninterested in having more kids.  Perfect timing, wouldn’t you say?

Fast forward to today.  I work from home in the medical field.  I have a 2 1/2-year-old son who is ALL BOY, hence the reason I’ve gotten up to address two falls just since starting this post.  He is my miracle baby, not to suppose to be able to happen but did.  I have a version of a husband.  I say version because neither one of us want to get married again and frankly I’m doubting if we did, we’d marry each other at this point!  Don’t get me wrong, I love him dearly…but he is absolutely clueless to the emotional needs of a woman.    I do think that he tries, but just doesn’t understand that women need to hear some things and that bringing her McDonald’s for lunch doesn’t fix everything.  We’ll (he’ll) get it eventually…just hopefully before the therapy bills end up in the tens of thousands!

I’m OCD and he’s “get to it when I get to it” even if the grass needed to be cut two weeks ago.  I’m clean up the house before bed so the next day doesn’t start a mess, he’s just leave the mess.  I’m talk about feelings, he’s “what are feelings?”.  I’m about schedule for our son and he’s “he can stay up for another hour”.

If you keep following my blog there will be many topics.  Stay at home mom, work from home mom, crazy couple attempting to make it work rather than split up, former fertility treatment patient among others including the crazy goings on of a 2 1/2 year old boy!  There will be a blog about whatever comes to my mind…and frankly that can be scary at times since my mind is always going!


Anthony’s Employee

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